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I Want to Make Face Shields

Face shields are created using open-source designs by Prusa Company. For a list of materials and additional information, please see the following:

If you want to manufacture shields for others, PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY

  • Act as if you were infected by the COVID-19 virus. Wear a face mask and a fresh pair of gloves when collecting each batch of printed parts. Store the parts immediately in a sealable bag.
  • Talk with whoever you’re making the shields for, let them know about your manufacturing environment
  • There is still debate about how long the virus survives on plastic, but most sources mention 2-3 days. That means that by letting the packed face shields sit for 2-3 days before distributing them, you’ll greatly reduce risk of transmission
  • Do not store the entire stock in one place, minimize the risk of cross contamination

I Can Help in Other Ways

This website represents a volunteer network effort to manufacture and distribute face shields to health workers in the US. We make no warranties regarding safety and efficacy of the face shields and we assume no responsibility for their use (or misuse). Views and opinions expressed on the site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any hospital or employer institutions. Any content provided is our opinion only and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone or anything.